Blue jeans or ball gown?

When the SC Philharmonic first launched Beethoven and Blue Jeans, it seemed like quite the novelty – breaking down the stereotype of what may be considered acceptable attire for a classical concert.

These days, it’s not unusual to see a variety of fashion choices at any of our Masterworks concerts. As social norms have changed, so have wardrobe expectations at cultural events. From the symphony to the ballet to the art museum, it seems that anything goes.

Unfortunately, the perception of a symphonic concert as being stuffy and formal persists. That’s a viewpoint we’re working to change. We want classical music to be accessible to all people. To us, it’s more about the music than the wardrobe. That philosophy has not only led us to develop community outreach programs like Healing Harmonies and Conduct the Phil, it has also inspired us to explore different ways to schedule and present our Masterworks series.

Rather than waiting until the spring, we’re kicking off the 2017-18 Masterworks Series with Beethoven and Blue Jeans on Saturday, October 14. In addition to launching Music Director Morihiko Nakahara’s 10th season with a crowd favorite, we also see this concert as setting the tone for the rest of the season:  come as you are.

We enjoy looking across an audience and seeing everything from sequins to blue jeans. However, we know that “what to wear” sometimes weighs on the minds of arts patrons.

If you’re still not sure what may be appropriate, here are some tips from blogger Holly Mulcahy:

Whatever you decide to wear, we look forward to seeing you this season. You can purchase full season subscriptions or individual concert tickets here.



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